Monday, December 8, 2014

Matthew 9:14-38


Please read Matthew 9: 14 - 38

There are 4 sections of this that are separated when you read at Bible Gateway. The first one is about fasting. John’s disciples, they were still sticking with John the Baptist, and the Pharisees questioned why the disciples were not fasting. Please note that the Pharisees and John’s disciples would declare publically that they were fasting. Remember Jesus said a while back that praying out loud to show how great you were or things of that nature were not for God but themselves. So if the disciples were or were not fasting no one would know. Jesus answered with somewhat of a riddle. He talked about new cloth mending old cloth or old wine skins being used for new wine. Both of these things would failed because the new cloth would shrink and the old wineskins would break. According to what I have read Jesus’ new ministry would not follow the old ministry of the Pharisees and would therefore break the wineskin in a metaphorical way. Jesus was introducing his new ministry that would encompass all of humanity not just the Jews.

The next section is where Jesus raises a girl from the dead and a woman touches his garment and is healed Matthew 9: 18-29 A man came and asked Jesus to heal his daughter which it turns out she is already dead. They had professional mourners there playing flutes and things so it was already common knowledge that she had passed away. Jesus agreed to go, unlike the centurion this man did not have the Centurion’s level of faith and asked Jesus to personally go to his house. On the way there a woman touched his garment in hopes to be healed. If someone touched you dress or pants and not your body you most likely would not know it happened. Jesus not only noted it he felt energy leave him. The woman had been bleeding for many years and was considered ceremonially unclean so most likely she was shunned. Jesus noted here faith and she was healed even thought others would not have anything to do with her. Jesus then told everyone to leave the room that the girl was in for she was sleeping and he took her hand and she rose from the dead. At some point here wouldn’t you think that all these Scribes and Pharisees would catch on?

The next section Jesus heals the blind men who had faith that he could heal them. They were healed but told to say nothing. That was like telling the town gossip a secret. Those that new them would wonder why they could see and the blind men were telling everyone about Jesus. Jesus then went on preaching and healing. Why? Jesus was establishing his ministry. If someone was on earth now and did all the things that Jesus did. What would you believe?

The last section Jesus points out that there are a lot of people that need to know about the Son of God and there were few to do that. Chapter 10 will be the beginning of the disciples going out to preach the gospel.