Thursday, December 4, 2014

Matthew 8: 14-22


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Please read Matthew 8:14-22 There is so much in this chapter. It is towards the beginning of Jesus ministry and he is establishing himself as the one spoken of in the old testament.
 Matthew 8:14-17
 In these first four verses Jesus is healing and casting out demons. The first was Peter's mother in Law sick lying in bed. Jesus touched her and she got up and served Jesus. The fever was gone as was the illness. She thanked him by serving him immediately afterwards. Two things here she knew that Jesus had healed her. She was also very grateful and thanked him immediately.
Jesus went on through the crowds healing  people and casting out demons. Why would he do that it seems like it is showing off. It wasn't Jesus was fulfilling the prophecy of  Isa_53:4, You may want to read the how chapter if Isaiah for the complete version. It is Old Testament so it is prior to Jesus birth and established what the future savior would do.
Matthew 8:18-22
There were people in the crowd that wanted to become Jesus disciples. That was kind of how it worked back then. Remember earlier John the Baptist had followers as did false gods such as baal. Jesus was pointing out the difficulties that would be involved in following him. The first man he pointed out that he had no home or place to reside so if he followed him the man would also not have a home anymore. The second man said he wanted to follow Jesus but wanted to bury his father.  I thought that was rather harsh so I studied that a bit. It was Jewish custom for the son to bury one's father. Jesus understood that. What the man was really saying was when my father dies I would like to bury him and then join you. That is different it was an undefined time line. Jesus is saying that you put Christ first and family second. I cannot imagine being put into the position of give up your faith or  sacrifice your family. But that is actually happening right now. Isis is killing anyone that does not accept their version of being a Muslim. There are also Christians in that area that are facing the same fate. What a horrible world we live in. What a wonderful God we serve. Someday no more hate, lying, cheating, stealing and on and on can you imagine that?